Watkin Jones invests in Ardudwy ac Arfon Hockey Club’s future

Watkin Jones, a local company that has a huge influence in the community, has recently awards Clwb Hoci Ardudwy ac Arfon a grant from their Community Fund scheme.  The money was awarded to the club in order to secure some vital equipment to further develop the talent that is nurtured here in Bangor.

Here at Ardudwy ac Arfon Hockey Club, we are overwhelmed by the support, especially as some of the Watkin Jones family are members of the club, and we can not thank the company enough.  Their Community Fund scheme is committed to developing grass root projects, such as ourselves, and their contributions can be the difference between a thriving club or diminished opportunities.

Watkin Jones Communications Manager, Kerry Williams, said:

“As our construction sites are located at the centre of communities we take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously. We aim to play a real part in local life and build strong links with community groups. Through this initiative, it is great to be able to support the excellent work carried out by local organisations. We are extremely proud to have reached this £100k milestone and be in a position to help make a lasting difference to the local communities in which we work”.

We will be investing the money in new health and safety equipment, such as a new goal keeper kit, where the current one will be used by our developing ‘seconds’ section of the club, whilst the remainder of the money will go to buying fitness equipment that will encourage a healthier and fitter lifestyle for all members of the club.  We are keen to keep progressing, raising our standards both on and off the pitch, and we are confident that Watkin Jones have given us a tremendous opportunity to fulfill this wish.

Ffion Davies, an avid fundraiser from the club has said:

“We are thrilled to have been awarded such a life changing amount of money to us here at the club.  We have been consistently growing over the last 18 months, and we can not wait to see what the future has in store for us.  Ardudwy ac Arfon have been such a supportive and encouraging part of my life, ever since I joined the club at 17, and I know that we will be able to continue to offer such a positive impact to all of our members, and future members, for years to come.”

For more information about Watkin Jones, head on over to their website here.

Ardudwy juniors had a blast at the North Wales Tournament

On Sunday, November 17th, Ardudwy juniors had a great time at the North Wales Youth Tournament held at Rydal, Colwyn Bay.  A variety of temas from across the whole of North Wales travelled to the school to play in an under 11’s tournament and under 13’s tournament, giving the hockey players of tomorrow a terrific experience both on the pitch and team bonding too.

Ardudwy fielded both a girls under 13’s team and a mixed under 13’s team, and we’re proud to state that we’re very impressed with each and every one who took part as their hockey is improving immensely whilst their sportsmanship and level of enjoyment is at an all time high too.  Definitely what we’re all about here at Ardudwy.

We’re looking forward to the next games and tournaments our juniors will have in store over the coming months.

ardudwy-mixed-team-juniorsArdudwy Mixed Under 13’s Team

ardudwy-juniors-girls-teamArdudwy Under 13’s Girls Team

Match Report: Ardudwy 1-1 Bangor Ladies | North Wales League: Divison 2


The time for the first match to be played at Ardudwy’s brand new home ground, Plas Silyn in Penygroes, had arrived.  The girls were welcoming Bangor Ladies, who turned up with an impressive force to take on the girls in green.  With a little delay due to waiting for umpires, the game was underway, with a fierce blaze ripping across the pitch for the full 70 minutes!

Bangor Ladies were fearless in their attacking, peppering the D with waves of light blue continuously throughout the match, but defiant Jade Wilcockson and Jaqueline Smith worked wonderfull togother to keep the rucous under control.  The midfield consisting of Heledd Rowlands, Helen Evans, Hannah Wilson and Kelly Redmayne had a sensational game, flowing across the pitch in dramatic fashion.

The forwards also had moments of pure domination, with Nicola Ashcroft and Felicity Smith being unlucky with their serious strikes on several occassions.  Lwsi Roberts was also a roaring power, injecting into the D and working with sister Seren Roberts beside her.  Ela Williams kept control of the left hand side, using her dazzling skills to protect the ball and aiming a few careful strikes towards the Bangor keeper, who had a fantastic game.

The Bangor blues had a blast, ensuring that they used the wings cleverlly whilst ensuring keeper Ffion Davies had a busy afternoon and was kept on her toes throughout.  By half time the game was still goal less, but with the sheer amount of passion and determination showed by both sides, it was safe to say that goals were sure to come.  Second half showed similar displays of vigour and grit, but tensions started to rise, and Nicola Ashcroft ended up having the green card shown to her.

Bangor was the first to open the goal scoring, with Ffion making a save at the first cross goal strike, but Lauren Hassett was there to pick up the loose ball whilst Ffion was trying to get the second dive in quickly. 1-0!

Ardudwy didn’t let it be though, with going 1 goal down being that extra bit of motivation to score!  The ball was smashed down the other side and Felicity Smith and Nicola Ashcroft managed to hit the back board after Katie made an initial save but lost her footing.

With the umpires bringing the game to a close, neither team could believe how much the other team would be bringing the game today.  A well fought match and deserved score, celebrated with some food at the pub, and enjoying the local banter by the bar too.  man of the match Sambucca anyone?

Check out the incredible snaps by team legend Carl Williams below…






Ardudwy Hockey Club makes headlines

Last week (Thursday, August 1st) Ardudwy Hockey Club was featured in a news article in the Caernarfon Herald due to playing hockey all year long as well as the incredible junior section that’s been set up over the past couple of months.

The news article stated that Ardudwy Hockey Club was “bucking the trend” due to playing all year long, instead of purely between September and March.

We’re super happy to be featured and to be recognised due to all the hard work and effort that’s put in to running the summer league team and the juniors!

We’re excited for the beginning of the season and continue to offer incredible hockey over the summer!

The fun never stops at Ardudwy Hockey Club!