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Feeling inspired after the Golden success at the Olympics?!

Then why don’t you pop by to Ardudwy’s HOCKEY FEST event, 03/09/16, which will include a variety of fun activities such as playing games, shoot at goal and learning new skills!

A great opportunity for children over the age of 7, and for adults!

The best thing about the session is that it’s totally FREE! We hope to see you all there!

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Ydych chi wedi cael eich hysbrydoli ar ôl y llwyddiant yn y Gemau Olympaidd?!

Yna, pam na wnewch chi alw heibio i ddigwyddiad Ardudwy, HOCKEY FEST, 03/09/16, a fydd yn cynnwys amrywiaeth o weithgareddau hwyliog megis chwarae gemau, saethu tuag at y gol a dysgu sgiliau newydd!

Bydd yn gyfle gwych i blant dros 7 mlwydd oed, ac i oedolion!

Y peth gora’ am y sesiwn yw ei fod AM DDIM! Gobeithio eich gweld chi yno!

End of Season Awards Evening!

What a brilliant Awards Evening to end the season for our Juniors and Seniors! Everyone made a big effort to dress up as Superheroes, and looked amazing!

The club would like to thank everyone involved into making it a night to remember, especially to Jax and Nicci who made sure everything ran smoothly, not just last night but the whole year round, a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into making Ardudwy hockey club such a successful team, and on behalf of everyone, we’d like to say thank you to you both. Also a thank you goes to everyone of our members, of all ages, we wouldn’t be a hockey family without all your dedication week in, week out!

Huge congratulations to all our Minis and Juniors for all their hard work this season, and on winning their awards. Thoroughly deserved by all of you! We hope you’ve enjoyed the season as much as we’ve enjoyed experiencing it with you!

Finally, a massive congratulations goes to all our Seniors with their awards, who not only bought the Indoor Summer League trophy back home to where it belongs, but also the Division 2 trophy too! We look forward to being on that pitch with you each week, playing alongside the most dedicated bunch of girls and being a part of the most feared team to come up to Division 1 – we hope they’re ready for us, because the GREEN ARMY are coming!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

Wel am Noson Wobreuo gwych i orffen y tymor ar gyfer ein chwaraewyr  Iau a Hŷn! Mi ymdrechodd bawb yn fawr  i wisgo fel “Superheroes” – ac roedd pawb yn edrych yn anhygoel!

Hoffai’r clwb ddiolch i bawb a oedd yn gysylltiedig i wneud y noson yn un i’w chofio, yn enwedig i Jax a Nicci a wnaeth sicrhau fod popeth yn rhedeg yn esmwyth, nid yn unig ar y noson, ond drwy gydol y tymor hefyd. Mae llawer o waith caeld ac ymroddiad wedi cael ei ddarparu i wneud Clwb Hoci Ardudwy yn dîm mor llwyddiannus, ac ar ran pawb, mae diolch mawr i’r ddau ohonoch. Hefyd mae diolch yn mynd i bawb o’n haelodau, o bob oedran, fysa ni ddim yn deulu hoci heb eich holl ymroddiad, wythnos ar ôl wythnos.

Llongyfarchiadau mawr i bob un o’n ‘Minis’ ac Iau, am eu holl gwaith caled y tymor hwn, ac ar ennill eu gwobrau – hollol haeddiannol! Gobeithio yr ydych wedi mwynhau y tymor gymaint ac yr ydym ni wedi mwynhau ei brofiadu gyda chi!

Yn olaf, mae llongyfarchiadau enfawr yn mynd i bob un o’n ‘Seniors’! Nid yn unig mae tlws ‘Indoor Summer League’ yn ôl adra, ond hefyd tlws ennillwyr ‘Division 2’! Rydym yn edrych ymlaen i fod ar y cae gyda chi yn wythnosol, a chwarae ochr yn ochr gyda’r criw mwyaf ymroddedig o ferched.

Gobeithio bod ‘Divison 1’ yn barod amdana ni – mae’r GREEN ARMY ar eu ffordd!

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4689 Hockey Fun Camp!

  • Hockey WalesThe ‘Camp’ is an opportunity to come along and try hockey for the first time, or to improve existing skills!
  • For both boys and girls aged 7-13.
  • £5 for Hockey Wales Members / £10 for non-members

Further information about the location, date and time of the ‘4689 Hockey Fun Camps’ are to see in the posters below:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Mae’r ‘Camp’ yn gyfle i gael profiad o chwarae hoci am y tro cyntaf, neu i ddatblygu eich sgiliau ymhellach!
  • Mae croeso i fechgyn a merched, 7-13 blwydd oed.
  • £5 i Aelodau Hoci Cymru / £10 i ddi-aelodau.

Mae manylion pellach am lleoliadau, dyddiadau ac amseroedd y ‘4689 Camp Hoci Hwyl’ ar gael yn y posteri isod:


Tuesday, 05/04/16:  10.30am – 2.30pm

(To book a place please contact Nicola Ashcroft, contact details at bottom of page.)

4689 Bethesda




Wednesday, 06/04/16:  10.30am – 2.30pm

(To book a place please contact Nicola Ashcroft, contact details at bottom of page.)

4689 Holyhead




Thursday, 07/04/16:  10.30am – 2.30pm

(To book a place please contact Nicola Ashcroft, contact details at bottom of page.)

4689 Bangor




For further information, please contact North West Hockey Agent:

Nicola Ashcroft –

Phone: 07557 480 255

Email: nicola.ashcroft@conwy.gov.uk




We have an announcement to make, and a very huge reason to CELEBRATE! It is official that Clwb Hoci Ardudwy & Arfon are the CHAMPIONS of North Wales League Division 2 and will be promoted to DIVISION 1 next season in the North Wales League!!

Our stats for this season in Division 2, has been beyond amazing! Out of 13 games so far, with only one more game to go next week, we’ve won 11, drawn 2 and lost NONE! Throughout the league we have remained UNDEFEATED!

Also, out of the top 20 players in this division, the first 7 players of the League Top Scorers are all Ardudwy & Arfon members! Our Captain, Jacqueline Smith, who has proven to be a very worthy Captain, has been a great role model this season to all of us, with her desirable skill and passion towards the game, and is 1st in the League Top Scorers, with the total of 15 goals! Followed by Heledd Rowlands (2nd), Anna Hume (3rd), joint 4th place: Gwenno Davies & Felicity Smith, Bryony Vanderburg (5th) and Clare Barwood (6th).

But our players up front aren’t the only ones who have been working their socks off to secure these wins – due to the strength and dedication of our defence, we have only conceded 5 goals in 13 games!

It’s safe to say the club has worked so hard this season to get to where we are today, and we couldn’t have done it without the dedication the players has put into every single game. I’m sure I speak on behalf of us all when I say it’s a privilege to put on that green shirt week after week, and not only to play alongside such talented and skilful players, but players we have now grown to see as our family. Extremely proud of all of you!

Also a shout out to our supporters, who have shown their support throughout the league, either on Facebook and Twitter and/or at the sidelines – THANK YOU.

But mainly, the biggest thank you goes to our Manager, Nicci Ashcroft. Her fun and bubbly personality throughout the season has given the club such a positive boost. Her wise words shouted from the sideline, the mini speeches given before the game, half-time and after the game, even during training, has been so supportive and motivational, she has given 100% to all the girls and the club, and it’s definitely paid off.

It has always been a dream for the club to reach Division 1, and we’ve proven that even the smallest of teams can achieve greatness. So it’s onwards and upwards from here girls – I guess all there’s left to say is, Division 1, are you ready for the Green Army?….!


Match Report: Ardudwy & Arfon v Colwyn Bay (7th February): Final Score: 7-0

Match Report

Ardudwy ac Arfon V Colwyn Bay 2nds

7th February 2016

On a Sunday afternoon with the wind and rain pelting down which could match the arctic tundra, and after a cup match the previous day against Ruthin. Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies showed up with an abundance of players all ready to play and hopefully carry on the league winning streak.

Colwyn Bay played an attacking game which Ardudwy ac Arfon replied in kind. With Jax up front and Flic, Bryony, Anna, Mared Cerys and Siwan supporting and relentlessly driving forward throughout the match causing the Colwyn Bay’s defence to work overtime. The defensive aspect of Ardudwy’s team were being hassled along down the sides on numerous occasions but with solid defending from Jade, Lwsi, Annie (who moved upfront during the match) and Clare Colwyn Bay had little chance to antagonise the goalie Bethan who had a quiet game in all.

By the end of the match Ardudwy ac Arfon had showed great skill and determination by winning 7-0 with two phenomenal goals from Gwenno, One each by Jax, Anna, Mared and of course Bryony. Shout out to Mared who was awarded Player of the match as well. Well done Mared.

We must mention how valiant and gracious the Colwyn Bay 2nds were in their defeat and they did indeed give us a run for our money.

With yet another win under their belt, which now amounts to 12 games played with 10 wins and 2 draws. Ardudwy ac Arfon are now firmly sat on top of the division. With only a few matches left could this be a sign of promotion? Who knows, but with the determination and heart this team has it isn’t surprising that they are on top. Watch this space.

Match Report: Ardudwy & Arfon vs Ruthin, 6th February (Semi Finals League Cup): Final Score 0-1

Match Report

Ardudwy ac Arfon V Ruthin

6th February 2016

With the wind and rain pummeling down upon Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies and Ruthin up for the North West Wales Women’s League Cup Semi Final.

With only twelve players Ardudwy ac Arfon ladies were facing a team from a division above, this was going to be an interesting game.

With Jax, Bryony, Flic, Gwenno, Anna and Ela playing up front continuously were providing Ruthin with problems by relentlessly attacking and playing some wonderful passes. Then with Clare, Kelly, Ann G, Bethan and Caz in goal who were defending with all their might, yet one goal fluked into the goal making the score 1-0 to Ruthin. This made Ardudwy ac Arfon play with a barrage of attacks, yet were extremely unlucky in not scoring. This team showed heart and uncompromising willingness to not provide another chance for a goal against them. As the game came to a close Caz made a spectacular save which encouraged the team to persevere. Oh, and we must not forget our Nix who made her debut back after injury, well done Nanna, welcome back on the pitch.

Although the match ended in a loss for the Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies they came away from the game with a sense of victory, as they had played incredibly and with heart against a team who expected a walk over. Our dogged and unrelenting playing just proves how much the team loves hockey and how well they play together not only as a team but as a unit. This was one match that I was proud to have participated in. Well done Ladies.

Match Report: Ardudwy & Arfon vs Llandudno (23rd January): Final Score: 3-1

Match Report

Ardudwy ac Arfon V Llandudno

23rd January 2016

Coming in from a 5 game winning streak Ardudwy ac Arfon ladies were eager to prove themselves again this time against a team that were coming to the game with a 4 game winning streak.

On what could only be described as a cold and gusty day the game started off with a fervour that can only be described as manic with both teams wanting to prove themselves.

Both teams soon realised that this match was not going to be without incident and were aggressively searching for a way to score. This came first from the Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies when Ela scored a superb goal putting the ladies in front.

Persistent in their drives towards goal and attacking for all they were worth Llandudno managed to pull one goal back, putting the Ardudwy ac Arfon ladies on the back foot. But, dogmatic in their response Ardudwy ac Arfon scored another impressive two goals by Flic and Gwenno bith magnificent in their own right, thus securing a well fought and inspirational win.

Playing for Ardudwy ac Arfon ladies were the usual suspects, Jax, Clare, Mared, Ela, Bryony, Gwenno, Flic, Jade, Lwsi, Cas, Seren, Bethan, Catrin with Cerys and Siwan joining us again.

Again we have to mention our Nanna Nix who were on the sidelines constantly supporting and encouraging the team. A big shout out to Bryony who was awarded the player of the match from Llandudno and also to Lwsi who won the players player.

So, another win for the Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies securing their top spot in the league and looking towards a promotion to the 1st division next season. Well done ladies, keep it up.

Match Report – January 16th 2016: Ardudwy ac Arfon 3 – 2 Bangor City. (League Game)

On a blustery Saturday morning with 7 wins from nine games, the other 2 draws, Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies were up for any challenge that faced them. Bangor Ladies showed up with a renewed vigour coming from a loss of the previous match.

Jax started solidly playing centre forward, with Gwenno who won ‘players player’ for the match, playing just behind Jax, Mared and Ela playing brilliantly on the wings, left and right respectively driving the ball into the circle, Bryony dominating the high centre midfield position with Seren securing a dominant fixture on the right half position with Anna on the left making the drives up the field with ease. Clare was low midfield controlling the pace and dogmatic in her pursuit of the ball, with Lwsi in the left back position who dealt with Bangor’s attacking relentlessly, Bethan on the right provided additional support whilst Cat our ever present goalie ensured a confident and commanding performance.

The match started solidly with Jax scoring the first goal during open play in the circle with a strike that went through the goalkeepers legs. This in turn gave the Ardudwy ac Afron Ladies a sense of purpose and drove them to keep the ball mostly in the Bangor Ladies half. The second goal soon followed, a beautiful and masterful deflection by Gwenno guided the ball into the back of the net after Claire’s impressive drag flick from a short corner. Drawing nearer to the end of the first half a third goal was scored by Jax who smashed the ball through the defenders and into the goal after the defenders blocked a flick from Clare.

Two goals were scored by Bangor Ladies in the second half, but Ardudwy ac Arfon stayed strong and played a blinder. During the second half Mared switched sides with Ela and Gwenllian came on at right half who played to her strengths and defended the ball with determination. Siwan Jones who made her debut for the team come on in the last 5 minutes, so a very warm welcome to you and we hope that this will not be the last game either after such a great performance.

All in all, the team played hard and battled with great teamwork, but we must not forget those who were on the sides giving their full support, Nix/Nanna our Manager/Coach who was gesticulating and shouting advice and tac-tics to us all throughout the game which listed us more. And of course our Annie G who unfortunately was out due to an injury, but was shouting and cheering us on with our little mascot, Elis at the side line!

Final score:

Ardudwy & Arfon 3 – 2 Bangor City.

Match Report 21st Nov 2015: Ardudwy & Arfon 3 – 2 Dysynni | League Cup Quarter Finals

With winter in the air and conditions rather crisp, on Saturday November 21st Ardudwy ac Arfon gathered at Canolfan Brailsford (Maes Glas) to play their League Cup quarter final match against Dysynni. Having never beaten Dysynni in the history of the club, the girls in green definitely started the match as underdogs, but showing the grit and determination that has come to characterise this team, the girls pushed hard from the off and gave their opponents a tough game.

From the outset Dysynni were on the attack, playing a formation that left only two defenders in their own half and allowing the rest of the team to put pressure on the Ardudwy D. However, as Hume picked up the ball in defence and passed to Smith in midfield who released a beautifully timed pass to Flick Brown who had made a looping run from midfield onto the left wing, she returned the ball for Smith to strike home, but the keeper made a cracking save leaving the ball loose for Smith & Davies to fight for, which Smith slotted in making it 1-0.

This first goal galvanised the girls in green and they quickly added a second when the Ardudwy defence was able to release the ball to Gwenno Davies, the girls were on the break and some unselfish passing between Davies and Jaqueline Smith resulted in Anna Hume finding herself in the D opposed only by the Dysynni keeper. A beautifully swept ball from Hume hit the backboard and Ardudwy found themselves 2-0 to the good.

Cheers rang out around the pitch as the girls celebrated and a new found sense of belief gripped players and spectators alike. Dysynni continued to push forward, probing the Ardudwy defence and trying to create a scoring opportunity, however their efforts were thwarted by the well organised defence of Ann Goddard, Jade Wilcockson and Lwsi Roberts. A clutch of top quality saves from keeper Catrin Parry frustrated Dysynni and ensured that Ardudwy maintained their lead. Just before half time, Ardudwy were on the break again, with Smith slotting home an impressive reverse flick from a seemingly impossible angle to bring the score to 3-0 at half time.

Manager Nicola Ashcroft was full of praise for the girls at half time, but warned that they must keep their heads as Dysynni were sure to come out fighting, and this is exactly what they did. Ardudwy were constantly under pressure in the second half and this pressure told, with Dysynni scoring two goals to bring the score to a nail-biting 3-2. Despite exhausted legs, the Ardudwy halves of Kelly Redmayne and Clare Barwood continued to work hard to support their defence and keep the relentless Dysynni attack at bay. Barwood’s highly successful block tackles shut down much of the Dysynni attack, while more committed defending from Wilcockson and Roberts further frustrated the girls in orange.

As the clock counted down the remaining minutes, Dysynni half Jo Redman took a powerful strike from the top of the D which found the back board, however the umpire’s whistle had already blown to signal a short corner and the goal was disallowed. The Ardudwy support breathed a sigh of relief and a few minutes later the final whistle blew, signalling a historic victory for the green army. The girls now progress to the semi-finals to be played on February 6th against as yet unnamed opponents.

Match Report 14th Nov 2015: Ardudwy ac Arfon 0 – 0 Porthmadog| League Game

With the tail end of hurricane Abigail making conditions somewhat tricky, the Ardudwy girls this week faced local rivals Porthmadog in a fiercely contested match. The game began in sombre mood, with a minute’s silence observed by both teams as a sign of respect to those who lost their lives in this weekend’s tragic events in Paris. Following this, Porthmadog had first pushback and from the first whistle Ardudwy were putting pressure on the opposition. Ardudwy dominated the first half, constantly pressurising the Portmadog D and not allowing the girls in black and red to progress  much beyond their own 25. A strong press from forwards Gwenno Davies, Jacqueline Smith and Seren Roberts (making an instant impact in her first match back following the birth of son, Seth only 12 weeks ago) ensured that Portmadog were unable to work the ball out of defence, while skilful ball carrying from player of the match Clare Barwood in the centre facilitated a relentless Ardudwy attack. However, Porthmadog dropped the majority of their team to defence, frustrating the girls in green and making shots on goal tricky and, despite lots of possession and pressure, Ardudwy were unable to find the back of the net. A goal scoring opportunity emerged towards the end of the first half, as Ardudwy were awarded a short corner following Flick Brown playing the ball into a Portmadog foot. Ela Wyn-Williams injected the ball efficiently, but the Porthmadog defence were out quickly, preventing a strike at goal. However, the girls in green didn’t panic and cleverly recycled the ball around the outside of the D to set up Barwood, who beautifully executed a strike from the right which sailed into the far bottom left hand corner of the Porthmadog net, just above the backboard. Unfortunately, as the girls celebrated, the whistle blew and the goal was disallowed as it was deemed to be a first strike on goal and as such was too high. Disappointed but undeterred, Ardudwy continued to pile on the pressure but, as the half time whistle blew, the score remained locked at 0-0.

The half time talk from coach Nicola Ashcoft praised Ardudwy’s endeavour, but concentrated on how to manoeuvre the ball around the Porthmadog defence to create goal scoring opportunities. Suitably fired-up, the girls returned to the pitch determined to close out the game.

As the whistle blew for the second half however, it was clear that Porthmadog were no longer happy to sit back and defend and they began to venture into the Ardudwy half, making work for Jade Wilcockson, Lwsi Roberts, Ann Goddard and Bethan Jones at the back. Keeper Catrin Parry was also tested by a number of probing long range balls into the D, but showed great awareness and let these roll harmlessly into the back of the goal.  Play continued in the same vein throughout the remainder of the second half, with both teams having their fair share of possession and attacking opportunity. The Ardudwy halves including Barwood, Brown and Gwenllian Owen worked hard to back up their defence and provide attacking ball for their forwards, but despite a mammoth team effort, the game ended in a scoreless draw.

Despite the result, the Ardudwy girls remained upbeat as they continue their unbeaten run and maintain their position at the top of the Division 2 table. They now look forward to a break from the league with next week’s cup game against Dysynni at home in Maes Glas.