Champions, once again!

That’s it! All done for this season! And we come out on top..


Ardudwy won Division 1 of the North Wales League a few weeks ago, and today, it was a historical Club first…Not only we reached the FINAL of the North Wales League Cup for the first time ever, but we went on to win it too! 🎉

A great game today in Wrexham vs Newtown, a very strong side today, but that didn’t stop the force of the Green Army breaking through and winning 3 – 0! 💪

Well deserved goals, quite even throughout, only. Scoring one goal in the first half, and the second being disallowed, however, a more dominant performance from the girls in the second half, scoring two goals! 🏑

Absolutely fantastic play throughout the season girls, very proud of you all as a Club. We play as a team and we win as a team! 😎

Thanks you to you all for your efforts, and to everyone who has supported us over the last few months, from near and far, it’s meant so much to us and has definitely carried us through! 💚💙

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cup game

2018/2019 NWWL

That’s it! Another hockey season over! Both of our teams played their last matches this weekend, and finished the season with a bang! 👊


Another fantastic season for our first team, who have managed to conquer the league to be champions and remain undefeated for the second year running! 🏆

The girls have not only managed to win the league, but win it in style, scoring over a 100 goals in 12 games, averaging around 9 goals per match, and only conceding 8 goals throughout the season! 🥅

It has been a well deserved win for the girls to think that this time two years ago, we were struggling at the bottom of the 1st Division table. The girls have worked their socks off since then and it has definitely paid off by winning the league two years in a row! 💪

The Ardudwy 1s will now be focusing on the League Cup over the next few weeks, where they will face Dysynni in the semi-finals on the 23rd of March. 🏑


This was their second year playing competitively, and their first year in a much more challenging Division, Division 2.

These bunch of young girls have gained so much confidence over this last year, proving that they earned their promotion, as they fought hard right to the end for that top spot, unfortunately just missing out but still extremely impressively coming second! 😎

Despite coming second in the league, the 2s were still the highest scoring team out of them all, with a total of 40 goals, which is an unbelievable achievement! 💪


On behalf of the club, we would like to say a huge congratulations to all our members, and thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We continue to grow as a club, and despite having two teams on paper, we are one big family, one big team, on and off the pitch. Always encouraging each other, motivating and supporting each other whether it be at training or at matches, which has showed over these last couple of years as we’ve turned from being the underdogs, to a force to be reckoned with!

Also a huge thank you for all the support from parents or other members involved with the club!


Welsh Indoor Finals 2019

A few words from the Manager, Nicola Ashcroft:

“Well what another great weekend away in the National Indoor Finals representing North Wales!

Our story started 6 years ago when we first went to the Indoor National Finals on a whim, since then the club has developed over the years, regularly training indoor which has improved our outdoor game immensely, as our league stats show. In 2017, we secured funding for a development grant to get new indoor boards and goals in Brailsford, and having the up to date equipment to use in our sessions, finally paid off this year!

The first game saw the Green Army go up against a strong Penarth side. However it wasn’t plain sailing for the south team. From the off the girls battled really hard putting Penarth under immense pressure, however they scored first. But the girls in green didn’t let it deter them in fact it made them even more determined, with young Cerys Jones taking control in the defence with captain Jacqueline Smith becoming a brick wall to get through, we soon turned the ball over with fantastic play in the middle and up front by Heledd Rowlands, Jenna Gallagher & Mared Jones gaining a well deserved P.C. Goal number one was scored by Jenna Gallagher converted from the P.C. The game became fast and furious between the two teams, end to end play with a further 2 goals being scored – Penarth scoring first and Heledd Rowlands equalising just before the half time hooter, making it 2-2.

We could see that Penarth were unsettled by our standard of play and the 2nd half started just as the 1st half finished, fast and furious, with great attacking play by Clare Barwood & Siwan Jones and stern defending by the defence with some power saves by our keeper Catrin Parry.

Unfortunately, the game finished 4 – 2 to Penarth. The green army not disheartened but fired up for the next game, as that game could’ve gone either way and sent some shockwaves through all the competing teams!

Our second game was against the Indoor National Final winners from last year and our outdoor Welsh championship cup opposition Whitchurch Saints. Having not long played them in the cup at the end of October narrowly losing 2-1 to a higher ranking team we knew what we were up against.

The game started with the Green Army putting Whitchurch under immense pressure, forcing mistakes from them early on. The green army upped their standard of play with well worked passes, fast turnovers, stern defending, fantastic attacking play and awesome saves by our keeper! Half time, still 0-0 both teams wanting that breakthrough.

The second half started with Ardudwy keeping possession and playing amazing indoor hockey, this is what we had been training for. However, Whitchurch suddenly got a break and scored 1-0. TIME OUT was called by our manager Linda Collis, we all huddled round and had our chat. The game restarted with Ardudwy playing their socks off, red faces all around, but what great play from our indoor army! TIME OUT called by Whitchurch this time, they were unsettled with our play as we were constantly going at them for a good spell so needed to calm the situation. The game restarted, play continued end to end, and Whitchurch get another quick break and score. The game ending 2-0 to Whitchurch, yet another game that could’ve gone either way, with the house full of spectators and all eyes on us as we were proving to be tough opponents for these well established South teams, who have experienced playing Indoor European hockey over the years!

The compliments started to roll in, from spectators, officials and the opposition! Wow what fantastic feedback;

* Your game has improved drastically
* Our toughest opponents yet
* That could’ve gone either way
* Look at how far you have come from the start to now, your standard of play has come so far
* You are really starting to put the pressure on
* This is your best standard of play yet
* You get better & Stronger each year

It’s great to get feedback from teams who regularly play indoor competitions & have all played in Europe after winning this event!

We had one more game to go for our ranking we were playing for 5 & 6th play off against a well established indoor team who have on numerous occasions played in Europe after winning – Dowlais. We knew that it was going to be a tough game, but the girls were ready.

The hooter sounded, and from that moment Ardudwy took control, the intensity of the game became apparent very early. Ardudwy had stepped up another gear again, WOW what a game, the standard of play, the green army were on fire! The game was fast, end to end with hefty challenges coming in. The girls stood their ground, showing some beautiful skills, attacking at every opportunity they could which eventually led to 1-0 Ardudwy scoreline, goal scored by Clare Barwood from a tight angle! Our level of play had been building throughout the day, the girls were on fire, ensuring that we held our lead, despite numerous short corners and dangerous attacks from the opposition. Such awesome play demonstrated by the Northwalian representatives. Half-time, and it was 1 – 0 to the original Green Army, Ardudwy!

The girls we’re pumped, as they went into the final 15 minutes…

Dowlais started with possession but could just not get through, Ardudwy were playing with fire in their souls, giving it their all with everything been thrown at them. Dowlais then get a lucky break and score 1-1 , by this time the stands were full, along with the spectators gallery. What a game this was turning out to be, the play was of a very high standard, Ardudwy playing the hockey of their lives with such passion and determination and pride. The girls were giving their every last ounce of energy into the final seconds, a free hit awarded in the last minute inside the attacking half. A quickly taken free hit by Jenna to Jaqs, to Clare, then Clare to Mared, stunning one touch passing resulting in a beautifully created goal, on the reverse through the keepers legs by Mared Jones! It was 2-1 Ardudwy, with 40 seconds to go! Dowlais amounted an attack but to no prevail. Ardudwys ball, 10 seconds to go, and finally, the last hooter of the game goes…The whole team including the manager went wild screaming with delight and dancing on the pitch at this achievement. It was like they had won the final. WOW, what a game!

It was the first time that Ardudwy had entered solely as Ardudwy with no guest players and had won a game, what an achievement especially with the youngest players there!

On a personal note, and on behalf of all the team, I would like to thank Linda Collis stepping in as manager for the day, and for her words of encouragement throughout the day, motivating our players during every match!

And finally to you girls – the Green Indoor Army for your sheer determination, you amazed me with your standard of play in the finals and that last game sent shivers down my spine seeing what it meant but how far you have come. I can’t describe how proud I am of you all and am looking forward to build on the future with you.

My player of the Tournamnet went to our Goalkeeper Catrin Parry for some showstopping saves in the games, but every single one of you girls were all amazing!

What started out on a whim, has changed Ardudwy hockey clubs future.”



We have a very exciting announcement to make, and a very huge reason to CELEBRATE! It is now official that Clwb Hoci Ardudwy & Arfon are the CHAMPIONS of North Wales League Division 1 for the first time in over 20 YEARS!

Our stats for this season in Division 1 have been beyond fantastic! Out of 14 games, we have powered through the season with an undefeated streak and maintained a perfect record of 14/14 wins!

We’ve had some stunning goals this season, with our extremely talented newcomer Cari Davies scoring the most this season with 15 goals, closely followed by the rest of our talented squad: Clare Barwood with 11, Jenna Gallagher and Heledd Rownlands both with 9, Nicola Ashcroft with 8, Mared Jones and Beth Kenny both with 5 goals, Siwan Jones with 3, Loz Jeffrey with 2 and finally, Jaqs Smith and Rosie Barrett sharing a goal each. Nailed it guys!

But as we all know, it takes 11 players to win a game, our talented players up front aren’t the only ones who have been working their socks off to secure these wins – due to the strength and dedication of our defensive wall, making it extremely difficult for teams to break through, we only conceded 13 goals this season! Therefore, not only we scored the most goals with a total of 69, but also had the best defensive record with the least goals conceded out of the league!

Ardudwy were newly promoted into the 1st Division in the 2016/17 season as complete underdogs, and it is safe to say it was one of the hardest season thus far. This time last year we were at the bottom half of the table, fighting to secure our place in the Division, it was a season full of highs and lows, which was a wake up call for us as a Club. Coming into this current season, 2017/18, we were more determined than ever to turn our performances around and show all the other teams that we were worthy of our place in the Division.

It’s safe to say I’m sure no one expected such a drastic turn around for the club this year, and that has all been down to the dedication and passion the players have put into every single game. We’ve had some newcomers who have settled so quickly into the family oriented club, and have had a massive impact on Ardudwys style of play. We have also promoted a number of our juniors to the 1st team, which has been the most rewarding and pleasurable experience of the season. To see a group of such young girls step up to the mark week in week out, holding their own, showing no fear and developing every single time they get onto the pitch is what makes playing every weekend so enjoyable. We’ve also received overwhelmingly positive compliments from other teams in regards to the high level of skill they all hold at such a young age – which is something to be extremely proud of.

On behalf of the club, I would like to say a big fat THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to every single one of our members, Ardudwy 1s and Arduwdy 2s. We are all unique individuals who bring something different to the team, and when that all clicks, and we all jell together, some absolutely beautiful hockey is seen and there is literally no stopping us. Our success this season is all down to you guys, with your endless dedication to training and matches, and the endless hours of traveling here there and everywhere! The extra effort you all put into each match, pushing yourselves and giving it all you had, has made this team what it is today. Helping each other better ourselves at training, motivating each other and supporting each other throughout the season has truly paid off!

We truly appreciate all of your efforts this season. We are more than just a hockey club with skillful individual players – we are a unit, a team. We were once a group of strangers, who have not only by now turned into a group of close friendships, but into a solid family, on and off the pitch. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all our members when I say it is a privilege to put on our green shirt week after week and play alongside such talented players. We are beyond proud of each and every one of you.

Also, a shout-out to the parents, relatives and friends of the club – our number 1 fans! Thank you for the miles spent driving to matches, the early mornings, the long hours of supporting on the side-lines whatever the weather and for showing our entire team support.

But mainly, the biggest thank you goes to the three musketeers of the club, our Manager – Nicola Ashcroft, our Coach – Catrin Davies and our Club Captain – Jacqueline Smith. Most of us have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at Ardudwy, it is basically a full time voluntary job! The time and effort that goes into the club by these three is incredible. Their bubbly and caring personalities makes hockey fun. Our training sessions are varied each week, making sure we work hard but also enjoy ourselves in the process. Those pep-talks before matches, half-time and after the game have been so supportive and motivational. So many of our members look up to these three as players and as individuals, they are our role models and the glue that keeps us together. They give their absolute all into the club and believe in every single one of the clubs’ players on and off the pitch. They’ve picked us up when we’ve been down, stood by our side and pushed us to be the best that we can be – so on behalf of all our players, we cannot express how grateful we are for all that you do, and winning both Division 1 and Division 3 has been for you guys.

It has always been a dream for the club to not only play in Division 1 but to win it too, and we’ve proven that even the smallest of teams and the underdogs can achieve greatness. To win both leagues (Div. 1 & 3) on the 40th year of the clubs Anniversary has just been the cherry on top of the cake! 40 years of Ardudwy & Arfons’ Green Army, and we cannot wait to celebrate in style with everyone who’s made the successes of the club possible, the newbies and oldies, at our reunion party in April!

Despite the league being over, the club still has a lot of exciting ventures ahead in the upcoming few months! We hope to see all the past and present Green Army members in the Reunion party in April, and all of our current members at our ‘End of Season Awards Night’ in May!


A Message for our 2s from the Manager!

Following their second victory in a row, making it 2/2 after securing a 7 – 0 win against Rhyl HC, Nicci Ashcroft, our Manager, had this to say:

“The Ardudwy ac Arfon 2nds team played their first match away today in Rhyl and came away with another astounding 7-0 win!

The “Small” green army showing less nerves this week and all glowing with confidence ready for the start of their league winning campaign once again. As the whistle went they made their presence felt on the pitch straight away, hassling the Rhyl side from the off, turning over possession and constant attacking play, they were awarded with their first goal, scored by Elen Parry, a cool young head, but becoming quite a deadly finisher in that circle!

Two more goals were scored by Bethan Lowri & Nicci before half time, making it 3-0.

It was a tough game against the young Rhyl side, making the the “small” green army work their socks off, which they did and were rewarded with a further 4 goals, 2 goals from Jaqs & 2 from Nicci making the final score 7-0. A sterling performance from the vice captain Moli in midfield, outstanding defence from Siwan Rees, Ciara & Bethan aka Betty reinforced by Caz our crucial GK. With our cool headed half’s Sophia, Kelly, Ellie, Jaqs, Megs & Gwen working hard supporting the backs and the fierce forwards Sophie, Elen, Bethan, Cassie & Nicci was the winning performance today.

Congratulations Siwan Rees for being nominated ‘Player of the Match’ from Rhyl AND ‘Players Player’ voted from the club today, thoroughly deserved!!!

Each week girls, there are no expectations from you other than to enjoy each minute that you are on that pitch, but you come out and work so hard and reap the rewards. You all amaze me each week with your standard of play and determination & dedication, and am so proud to play alongside you all. The future is certainly bright for our “small” green army!”

Congratulations to all of you who took part today, a fantastic start all round for Clwb Hoci Ardudwy, 2/2 wins for both our teams!

#proud #workyoursocksoff #reaptherewards

A message from the Manager!

Following an impressive 10-1 win for our 2s on Sunday against Northop HC, which was their first competitive game as a team, our Manager Nicci Ashcroft has this to say:

“Well what can I say, an amazing effort by a history making debutante Ardudwy ac Arfon 2nds team yesterday!

Since the club started back in 1978, with only a few members over the years, the last few years has seen the club grow and flourish with youngsters proving the need for a seconds team in order for them to develop and grow, and as of today that momentous moment happened. Creating history which we are to be proud of. Junior hockey players who have worked hard over the past 2 – 3 years to be rewarded with playing competitive league hockey at a tender age of 13+. The 2nds team turned out with 10 of them from years 9-11, the other 5 made up of ‘old crocs’ haha!

This being the juniors first ever competitive full 11-a-side adult game, nerves were in the air for the “small” green army. A chat before the game hopefully helped ease the nerves as there was no expectation from them, other than to enjoy their game & time on the pitch as a team. But as soon as the whistle went, the nerves soon disappeared, and the juniors soon got stuck in. They played some fantastic hockey, proving their eagerness, excitement and nerves were all worth it. It wasn’t long before the first goal was scored & then they just kept on coming, confidence was radiant on the pitch, shutting out any of the dreary weather.

By half time it was 8-0. WOW WOW WOW, talk about Cheshire cats, no nerves to be seen or heard at half time. The second half started with them full of confidence, with some beautiful attacking play & passing and some stern defending when asked. The “Small” Green Army scored 2 more goals, and only conceding 1, with many a save made by the opposing team (Northop Hall) as she was peppered left, right & centre by the attacking Ardudwy 2nds team. Final score being 10-1.

What a start for a history making 2nds team. We couldn’t be prouder & you ALL should be proud of yourselves!! Here’s to the future!”

Congratulations to each player who took part yesterday, roll on the next few fixtures!

Goal Scorers were:
Nicci x 3
Cerys x 2
Siwan x 2
Elen x 2
Jaqs x 1

#greenarmy #doublethetrouble

2s Team

Past & Future of Ardudwy

The weekend is here! And you know what that means… Hockey time!

Over the last few years, the club has been through it all, highs and lows the good and the bad, and we can proudly say that Ardudwy & Arfon Hockey club has never been better!

The club went through a tough year in 2011 – after the heart and soul of the club, Cath, left for France, the club could barely gather a team together to play each week, but did manage it by bringing the junior members up, and working extra hard on developing each player individually.

As the years went by, the total number of members went from 19 to 63, and Ardudwy kept creeping up the 2nd Divisions table. In the season of 2015-16 the girls fought their hardest all year round, and proved to be the very best out there week in week out, which secured the clubs position at the top of the 2nd Division table throughout the year. This meant that in 2016, we were promoted to the 1st Division!

It is because of the commitment and determination of the hockey family and members over the last few years, that the growth in our members has gone beyond our expectations. To date, we have nearly 90 members here at Ardudwy, and we can only hope that the club will continue to grow as successfully as it has over the last few years.

Due to the popularity of the club, growth in members as well as level of hockey played by our members, we are so proud to be able to announce that for the first time in the clubs history, not only do we have Ardudwy Ladies 1sts, but also Ardudwy Ladies 2nds! 😀

Both teams will be kick-starting the 2017-2018 season this weekend at Canolfan Brailsford, with our 1sts playing on Saturday, and our 2nds playing on Sunday! (See our fixtures tab for a table of upcoming fixtures that you can download onto any device for easier access/viewing from week to week).

It has always been a dream for the club to reach Division 1 and enter a second team into the league, and we’ve proven that even the smallest of teams can achieve greatness. We would like to wish the best of luck to both our teams, and thank every single one of our members, old and new, for absolutely everything, because if it weren’t for you guys, the club wouldn’t be here today with two teams in the North Wales Hockey League!

So cheers to The Green Army’s future, and all the best to both our teams this season. North Wales Hockey League, are you ready for double the trouble?!

#greenarmy #hockeywales



End of the Season!

So that’s it! The season is over!


After being promoted from Division 2 last season to Division 1 this season, we didn’t know what to expect. There were plenty of ups and downs throughout the season, but despite the highs and the lows, we are delighted that we managed to reach the semi finals of the League Cup, and have been able to maintain our position up in Division 1 for another season! 😁

We came into Div. 1 as the underdogs, and definitely proved to many people and clubs that we more than deserved to be in the 1st Division, never underestimate the Green Army! 💪

It’s been a huge rollercoaster ride for us as a club, with a mixture of wins, draws and losses, but each week we all fought until the very last second of each game, making it as difficult as possible for the other teams.

On behalf of the club we would like to say a massive THANK YOU and WELL DONE to every single one of our members. It’s YOU who have made sure we stay up in Division 1, with your endless dedication to training and matches, and the endless hours of travelling! The extra effort you all put into each match, pushing yourselfs and giving it all you had, has made this team what it is today. You’re all highly appreciated by us all at Ardudwy, as well as all family members who have supported us over the last few months. 👌

It has been a delight to see the club grow in numbers over the last year, and to see our young players develop week by week, gaining more confidence and skill each time. Ardudwys future is on the right path, and we’re very excited to see what the future might hold! 😝

Ardudwy focuses on the enjoyment of playing hockey as well as gaining skills, working on fitness and going as far as possible in competitons, and this year we’ve proved that we are not individuals in this club, we are a team, we are a family. Through the best games and the most frustrating ones, we stood by each other, held our heads high and powered on. 👪

However, I’m sure I speak on behalf of all our members when I say, we couldn’t have done it without the concrete dedication, passion and guidance of our Manager, Nicci Ashcroft, our Captain, Jaqs Smith and our Vice Captain, Clare Barwood.

Those three work day in, and day out to make sure all our members get the best quality of training, the highest level of enjoyment and are forever organising a number of things ready for our match days behind the scenes. On and off the pitch, they give us nothing but encouragement and express how proud they are of all of us. They are outstanding role models to each one of us and are the glue that keeps us together. So on behalf of all us seniors, juniors and co., THANK YOU for all that you do. ♥

Despite having a couple of deserving weeks off training, the club still has a lot of exciting ventures ahead over the next few months, so keep an eye out everyone! 🏑

Only one thing left to do now which is arrange our ‘End of Season Awards Night’ and celebrate in style! We will be in touch with possible dates in the upcoming weeks, so recharge your batteries for now guys, take care of yourselves, and we’ll see you all soon! 😎

#greenarmy #hockeywales

Arfon Indoor Hockey League!

We are Ardudwy & Arfon Hockey Club, based in Bangor, currently playing in the North Wales League, Division 1. The club also works with schools in and around the area, not limiting to just Bangor but further afield to Anglesey and beyond to offer a pathway for hockey enthusiasts to develop and continue their hockey career. As a club, we have shown over the years the ability to grab hold of something and grow it into something extraordinary by conducting various hockey opportunities such as Indoor  & Outdoor Hockey Summer League. The club is constantly putting belief and resources into our members to allow them to take their passion for hockey to the next level. Putting volunteer hours back into the local community, operating sessions for minis, juniors right up into the senior ladies squad who compete in Division 1 of the North Wales Hockey League, the club is a testament to hockey in North Wales and are the perfect ambassadors for an intuitive, forward-thinking and exciting programme such as the “Arfon Indoor League”.

The “Arfon Indoor League” will be an indoor league based at Canolfan Brailsford, Bangor, that will be accessible to people of all backgrounds. The aim of this league is to bring hockey into the 21st century and fit the sport around people’s busy lifestyles, and show that hockey is a fun and accessible, alternative to traditional sports. Promoting the key aspects of the game within a social and friendly atmosphere, this league will provide beginners and newcomers to the sport the perfect platform to play alongside others and receive advice and support in their pursuit of the sport.  The league is all about allowing people to take part on their terms, at a time that is comfortable for them, which will also provide a fun and sociable environment week in, week out.

From conducting research within the local community we have found that there are a large number of people within the city who are uncertain of how they can get involved with a sport like hockey, and even more of them feel as though starting a new sport would mean large expenses and demands that they simply can’t afford. The idea of the “Arfon Indoor League” initiative is to remove these barriers and allow people to turn up and play at a time that suits them, with different people every week. Having a much more relaxed approach to team sport and allowing people to participate in a fun, relaxed environment that promotes socialising would engage numerous pockets of the local community.

Indoor Hockey has always been a popular sport in South Wales, where the National Indoor Finals is held each year. Various clubs around Wales participate, and the winners then progress through to the European Tournament. By creating the “Arfon Indoor League”, we hope to provide hockey clubs in North Wales with the same opportunity as the South.

The “Arfon Indoor League” will operate throughout the months of May 2017 to November 2017 and is designed to provide opportunities for current hockey players and/or members of the community to regularly come together to enjoy the social element of a fantastic sport. The facility and league will be provided free of charge to non-members of Ardudwy ac Arfon Hockey Club during the first year of the league in order to promote participation. The league will be co-ordinated by the organising committee who possess skills and expertise in a variety of backgrounds, are all local to the Gwynedd area, who are Welsh speakers and also passionate about hockey. Not everyone taking part will have to transfer into permanent members of the hockey club; the league is designed to promote the sport and allow up to 30 people to take part per week in a fun and sociable event. If the time of the sessions and commitment suits the participant, then we would be happy for them to continue that level of participation and would be able to enrol them as members of Hockey Wales as a recreational member- entitling them to access to a number of support services and allowing them to feel part of something special.

It will be a great opportunity to make new friends, build partnerships with various companies and to promote your company around the local area. By participating in the league, we will then be able to advertise your business/company on all of our social media sites (please see below), and recommend your business/company through word of mouth. As a business, you can either enter a full team, or just turn up as individuals to come and play.

In order to gain interest and attendance to the Arfon Indoor League, we will engage with numerous community groups throughout the 4 months prior to the league starting. Alongside consultation with Gwynedd County Council’s sport development department, the league will be able to target communication effectively and generate interest in hockey prior to the league starting.

Please keep an eye on our social media websites for future announcements about the “Arfon Indoor League”, and we hope to have you participate soon! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact for more information, details on how to contact us are below.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Catrin Parry.



Twitter: @ardudwyhc

Instagram: @ardudwyhc

Easy Fundraising!

Hey guys!
As a growing hockey club, we are trying different ways of raising money for the club so we can invest it in the clubs future. By fundraising, we will be able to maintain facilities and equipment, send more of our members on courses, even buy new hockey equipment in order to develop our members fitness and skills!
The website “Easy Fundraising” allows you to collect FREE donations to the club every time you buy something online through their website.
There are over 3,100 different shops and sites Easy Fundraising are involved with, such as..
..just to name a few of the popular ones!
So by joining, every item you buy, for example if you buy some clothes from ASOS, or a cinema ticket from CINEWORLD, their shop/site gives Easy Fundraising a commission for your purchase, that Easy Fundraising then turns into a donation and gives it to Ardudwy ac Arfon Hockey Club!
Click on the link below, and type ARDUDWY AC ARFON HOCKEY CLUB in the ‘Search for a cause’ tab. You will then be taken to our page, click on the ‘Join us’ tab and create your free account, it’s as simple as that!
You can also download the ‘Easyfundraising App’ from the App Store or Google Play, to make it easier to collect free donations when you shop from your mobile or tablet device!
We would really appreciate if you guys could join us on this, and invite your family and friends to do so too! It only takes two minutes to create an account, and costs you nothing! Just remember to shop through the website!
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions – we look forward to having you on board! Thank you so much!