We have a very exciting announcement to make, and a very huge reason to CELEBRATE! It is now official that Clwb Hoci Ardudwy & Arfon are the CHAMPIONS of North Wales League Division 1 for the first time in over 20 YEARS!

Our stats for this season in Division 1 have been beyond fantastic! Out of 14 games, we have powered through the season with an undefeated streak and maintained a perfect record of 14/14 wins!

We’ve had some stunning goals this season, with our extremely talented newcomer Cari Davies scoring the most this season with 15 goals, closely followed by the rest of our talented squad: Clare Barwood with 11, Jenna Gallagher and Heledd Rownlands both with 9, Nicola Ashcroft with 8, Mared Jones and Beth Kenny both with 5 goals, Siwan Jones with 3, Loz Jeffrey with 2 and finally, Jaqs Smith and Rosie Barrett sharing a goal each. Nailed it guys!

But as we all know, it takes 11 players to win a game, our talented players up front aren’t the only ones who have been working their socks off to secure these wins – due to the strength and dedication of our defensive wall, making it extremely difficult for teams to break through, we only conceded 13 goals this season! Therefore, not only we scored the most goals with a total of 69, but also had the best defensive record with the least goals conceded out of the league!

Ardudwy were newly promoted into the 1st Division in the 2016/17 season as complete underdogs, and it is safe to say it was one of the hardest season thus far. This time last year we were at the bottom half of the table, fighting to secure our place in the Division, it was a season full of highs and lows, which was a wake up call for us as a Club. Coming into this current season, 2017/18, we were more determined than ever to turn our performances around and show all the other teams that we were worthy of our place in the Division.

It’s safe to say I’m sure no one expected such a drastic turn around for the club this year, and that has all been down to the dedication and passion the players have put into every single game. We’ve had some newcomers who have settled so quickly into the family oriented club, and have had a massive impact on Ardudwys style of play. We have also promoted a number of our juniors to the 1st team, which has been the most rewarding and pleasurable experience of the season. To see a group of such young girls step up to the mark week in week out, holding their own, showing no fear and developing every single time they get onto the pitch is what makes playing every weekend so enjoyable. We’ve also received overwhelmingly positive compliments from other teams in regards to the high level of skill they all hold at such a young age – which is something to be extremely proud of.

On behalf of the club, I would like to say a big fat THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to every single one of our members, Ardudwy 1s and Arduwdy 2s. We are all unique individuals who bring something different to the team, and when that all clicks, and we all jell together, some absolutely beautiful hockey is seen and there is literally no stopping us. Our success this season is all down to you guys, with your endless dedication to training and matches, and the endless hours of traveling here there and everywhere! The extra effort you all put into each match, pushing yourselves and giving it all you had, has made this team what it is today. Helping each other better ourselves at training, motivating each other and supporting each other throughout the season has truly paid off!

We truly appreciate all of your efforts this season. We are more than just a hockey club with skillful individual players – we are a unit, a team. We were once a group of strangers, who have not only by now turned into a group of close friendships, but into a solid family, on and off the pitch. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all our members when I say it is a privilege to put on our green shirt week after week and play alongside such talented players. We are beyond proud of each and every one of you.

Also, a shout-out to the parents, relatives and friends of the club – our number 1 fans! Thank you for the miles spent driving to matches, the early mornings, the long hours of supporting on the side-lines whatever the weather and for showing our entire team support.

But mainly, the biggest thank you goes to the three musketeers of the club, our Manager – Nicola Ashcroft, our Coach – Catrin Davies and our Club Captain – Jacqueline Smith. Most of us have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at Ardudwy, it is basically a full time voluntary job! The time and effort that goes into the club by these three is incredible. Their bubbly and caring personalities makes hockey fun. Our training sessions are varied each week, making sure we work hard but also enjoy ourselves in the process. Those pep-talks before matches, half-time and after the game have been so supportive and motivational. So many of our members look up to these three as players and as individuals, they are our role models and the glue that keeps us together. They give their absolute all into the club and believe in every single one of the clubs’ players on and off the pitch. They’ve picked us up when we’ve been down, stood by our side and pushed us to be the best that we can be – so on behalf of all our players, we cannot express how grateful we are for all that you do, and winning both Division 1 and Division 3 has been for you guys.

It has always been a dream for the club to not only play in Division 1 but to win it too, and we’ve proven that even the smallest of teams and the underdogs can achieve greatness. To win both leagues (Div. 1 & 3) on the 40th year of the clubs Anniversary has just been the cherry on top of the cake! 40 years of Ardudwy & Arfons’ Green Army, and we cannot wait to celebrate in style with everyone who’s made the successes of the club possible, the newbies and oldies, at our reunion party in April!

Despite the league being over, the club still has a lot of exciting ventures ahead in the upcoming few months! We hope to see all the past and present Green Army members in the Reunion party in April, and all of our current members at our ‘End of Season Awards Night’ in May!


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