Arfon Indoor Hockey League!

We are Ardudwy & Arfon Hockey Club, based in Bangor, currently playing in the North Wales League, Division 1. The club also works with schools in and around the area, not limiting to just Bangor but further afield to Anglesey and beyond to offer a pathway for hockey enthusiasts to develop and continue their hockey career. As a club, we have shown over the years the ability to grab hold of something and grow it into something extraordinary by conducting various hockey opportunities such as Indoor  & Outdoor Hockey Summer League. The club is constantly putting belief and resources into our members to allow them to take their passion for hockey to the next level. Putting volunteer hours back into the local community, operating sessions for minis, juniors right up into the senior ladies squad who compete in Division 1 of the North Wales Hockey League, the club is a testament to hockey in North Wales and are the perfect ambassadors for an intuitive, forward-thinking and exciting programme such as the “Arfon Indoor League”.

The “Arfon Indoor League” will be an indoor league based at Canolfan Brailsford, Bangor, that will be accessible to people of all backgrounds. The aim of this league is to bring hockey into the 21st century and fit the sport around people’s busy lifestyles, and show that hockey is a fun and accessible, alternative to traditional sports. Promoting the key aspects of the game within a social and friendly atmosphere, this league will provide beginners and newcomers to the sport the perfect platform to play alongside others and receive advice and support in their pursuit of the sport.  The league is all about allowing people to take part on their terms, at a time that is comfortable for them, which will also provide a fun and sociable environment week in, week out.

From conducting research within the local community we have found that there are a large number of people within the city who are uncertain of how they can get involved with a sport like hockey, and even more of them feel as though starting a new sport would mean large expenses and demands that they simply can’t afford. The idea of the “Arfon Indoor League” initiative is to remove these barriers and allow people to turn up and play at a time that suits them, with different people every week. Having a much more relaxed approach to team sport and allowing people to participate in a fun, relaxed environment that promotes socialising would engage numerous pockets of the local community.

Indoor Hockey has always been a popular sport in South Wales, where the National Indoor Finals is held each year. Various clubs around Wales participate, and the winners then progress through to the European Tournament. By creating the “Arfon Indoor League”, we hope to provide hockey clubs in North Wales with the same opportunity as the South.

The “Arfon Indoor League” will operate throughout the months of May 2017 to November 2017 and is designed to provide opportunities for current hockey players and/or members of the community to regularly come together to enjoy the social element of a fantastic sport. The facility and league will be provided free of charge to non-members of Ardudwy ac Arfon Hockey Club during the first year of the league in order to promote participation. The league will be co-ordinated by the organising committee who possess skills and expertise in a variety of backgrounds, are all local to the Gwynedd area, who are Welsh speakers and also passionate about hockey. Not everyone taking part will have to transfer into permanent members of the hockey club; the league is designed to promote the sport and allow up to 30 people to take part per week in a fun and sociable event. If the time of the sessions and commitment suits the participant, then we would be happy for them to continue that level of participation and would be able to enrol them as members of Hockey Wales as a recreational member- entitling them to access to a number of support services and allowing them to feel part of something special.

It will be a great opportunity to make new friends, build partnerships with various companies and to promote your company around the local area. By participating in the league, we will then be able to advertise your business/company on all of our social media sites (please see below), and recommend your business/company through word of mouth. As a business, you can either enter a full team, or just turn up as individuals to come and play.

In order to gain interest and attendance to the Arfon Indoor League, we will engage with numerous community groups throughout the 4 months prior to the league starting. Alongside consultation with Gwynedd County Council’s sport development department, the league will be able to target communication effectively and generate interest in hockey prior to the league starting.

Please keep an eye on our social media websites for future announcements about the “Arfon Indoor League”, and we hope to have you participate soon! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact for more information, details on how to contact us are below.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Catrin Parry.



Twitter: @ardudwyhc

Instagram: @ardudwyhc

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