Match Report: Ardudwy & Arfon vs Ruthin, 6th February (Semi Finals League Cup): Final Score 0-1

Match Report

Ardudwy ac Arfon V Ruthin

6th February 2016

With the wind and rain pummeling down upon Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies and Ruthin up for the North West Wales Women’s League Cup Semi Final.

With only twelve players Ardudwy ac Arfon ladies were facing a team from a division above, this was going to be an interesting game.

With Jax, Bryony, Flic, Gwenno, Anna and Ela playing up front continuously were providing Ruthin with problems by relentlessly attacking and playing some wonderful passes. Then with Clare, Kelly, Ann G, Bethan and Caz in goal who were defending with all their might, yet one goal fluked into the goal making the score 1-0 to Ruthin. This made Ardudwy ac Arfon play with a barrage of attacks, yet were extremely unlucky in not scoring. This team showed heart and uncompromising willingness to not provide another chance for a goal against them. As the game came to a close Caz made a spectacular save which encouraged the team to persevere. Oh, and we must not forget our Nix who made her debut back after injury, well done Nanna, welcome back on the pitch.

Although the match ended in a loss for the Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies they came away from the game with a sense of victory, as they had played incredibly and with heart against a team who expected a walk over. Our dogged and unrelenting playing just proves how much the team loves hockey and how well they play together not only as a team but as a unit. This was one match that I was proud to have participated in. Well done Ladies.

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