Match Report – January 16th 2016: Ardudwy ac Arfon 3 – 2 Bangor City. (League Game)

On a blustery Saturday morning with 7 wins from nine games, the other 2 draws, Ardudwy ac Arfon Ladies were up for any challenge that faced them. Bangor Ladies showed up with a renewed vigour coming from a loss of the previous match.

Jax started solidly playing centre forward, with Gwenno who won ‘players player’ for the match, playing just behind Jax, Mared and Ela playing brilliantly on the wings, left and right respectively driving the ball into the circle, Bryony dominating the high centre midfield position with Seren securing a dominant fixture on the right half position with Anna on the left making the drives up the field with ease. Clare was low midfield controlling the pace and dogmatic in her pursuit of the ball, with Lwsi in the left back position who dealt with Bangor’s attacking relentlessly, Bethan on the right provided additional support whilst Cat our ever present goalie ensured a confident and commanding performance.

The match started solidly with Jax scoring the first goal during open play in the circle with a strike that went through the goalkeepers legs. This in turn gave the Ardudwy ac Afron Ladies a sense of purpose and drove them to keep the ball mostly in the Bangor Ladies half. The second goal soon followed, a beautiful and masterful deflection by Gwenno guided the ball into the back of the net after Claire’s impressive drag flick from a short corner. Drawing nearer to the end of the first half a third goal was scored by Jax who smashed the ball through the defenders and into the goal after the defenders blocked a flick from Clare.

Two goals were scored by Bangor Ladies in the second half, but Ardudwy ac Arfon stayed strong and played a blinder. During the second half Mared switched sides with Ela and Gwenllian came on at right half who played to her strengths and defended the ball with determination. Siwan Jones who made her debut for the team come on in the last 5 minutes, so a very warm welcome to you and we hope that this will not be the last game either after such a great performance.

All in all, the team played hard and battled with great teamwork, but we must not forget those who were on the sides giving their full support, Nix/Nanna our Manager/Coach who was gesticulating and shouting advice and tac-tics to us all throughout the game which listed us more. And of course our Annie G who unfortunately was out due to an injury, but was shouting and cheering us on with our little mascot, Elis at the side line!

Final score:

Ardudwy & Arfon 3 – 2 Bangor City.

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